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Wives-You're Not Here

You're Not Here

      I was practically trembling with lust when she called back. "HI Honey, shall I tell you what they're doing to me now?" "Oh yes, PLEEEASE tell me baby" I said. "Well, I'm laying back. ummmmm yes, Laying back on the... oh I LIKE that Anton....laying back on the bed honey. These guy's are pretty creative. (Ahh). They have another bottle of chilled (giggles) Mums here and they're pouring it in my belly button and licking it out... (giggles again) and Brad has my miniskirt up and he's getting ready to pour some OHHH THAT"S COLD! on my intimate treasures here honey and (Oh yessss...) it feels SO good..."

"Baby what room are you in" I demanded. "I HAVE to see this for myself."

"Nope" she said. "You'll just have to wait honey. You want me to stay on the phone and keep telling you, (Eeeyes) what's going on?" "You KNOW I do baby!"

Well fellow appreciators of erotically untamed wives, rather than give you the entire dialogue of what followed, let me just say, Becky proceeded to describe EVERY thing for the next hour and a half.

She told me how exquisite it was having both her breasts sucked and licked at the same time. What intense pleasure she was getting by having two tongues and four hands covering her erogenous zones with total pleasuring attention. How nasty and delicious it felt having her mouth and pussy being filled at the same time. How erotic is was to have one guy kissing her neck and breasts while the other one was orally pleasuring her love button.

Of course there were times she couldn't talk.... and then she'd say something thoroughly nasty like "Sorry honey, I can't talk for a while because I'm going to have my mouth full....but if you listen REAL hard, you'll hear some interesting sounds. Oh Brad would you be a sweetheart and just hold the phone right here by my face so my poor frustrated husband can hear me while I take Anton's hard cock in my mouth and.." OK so you get the idea. She even had Brad come on the phone and describe how it felt to have my little wife's mouth working on him orally. And he described what it was like watching her do Anton.

They just kept that up. Sometimes I'd get commentary from one of them. "Oh honey, they're BOTH so yummy and hard inside me!" (This when she was being taken from underneath and behind on all fours, the alternate piston thrusts filling her two cavities, at once, separated only by that thin membrane) Then some of the time they just tossed the phone aside and I all I heard was moans and groans and sighs and such. And a little nasty talk thrown in, sometimes for my voyeuristic listening pleasure no doubt. Becky really played it up. After they'd explored most every position that the three of them could explore, I heard the loud grunts and groans of her two lovers, filling her with their seed. They were behind since I'd heard her distinctive orgasmic cries three times already.

Then there she was. back on the phone. "Oh honey, I'm going to make you lick me when I get back to our room. I'm not even going to clean up. I want you to see what a bad girl I've been tonight! Keep that cock ready for me honey because I need MORE hard dick when I get home. I'm not done yet!"

And what seemed like an eternity later, but was really only a few minutes, there she was. Slipping quietly into our room where I literally was quivering with anticipatory lust for her. What a totally sexual wife. She slipped up to me, started kiss- ing me, pushed me back on the bed, and before I knew what was happening she had taken my hand and put it under her miniskirt. Where I discover- ed she hadn't bothered to replace her panties. And what did I find there? You guessed it. A totally wet, slippery, open, cream filled surprise. I noticed that my fingers slipped much more easily into her than normal. Being stretched and filled already as she was. There's no way to do justice in describing the sensations I felt as I kissed her wetness. Smelled her muskiness, tasted her thoroughly pleasured femaleness. Slipped my hardness inside her. My desperately aching pole feeling relief at last.

Urgent thrusts, it was all I could do to hold back from immed- iately exploding inside her. Usually we have long slow sessions of foreplay. A half hour, an hour, and the actual event is usually a good twenty minutes or more of sensual thrusts and writhing.

But this time I could hardly contain myself for even a few seconds! Casey's messed up dark brown hair, the wild look in her eyes, her nasty smile, the smell of sex exuding from her, her uncharacteris- tic aggressiveness. And then she topped it all off by saying "Honey, you want me to describe the sensations I felt having their hard cocks thrusting inside me?" That was it. I was over the edge just like that! But of course I was so horny by now that it didn't matter. I was able to resume in a matter of moments. After I added my load to those already inside her, she knew just what to do. Laying me back on the bed, dropping her sensual lips to my tool and whispering "Oh Bill, now I'm going to show you JUST what I was doing earlier for Brad & Anton" It didn't take long for that comment to bring me back to life!

And after another hourlong session, it was pushing 2:30 in the morning, and all I remember after that was her body curled next to me when the sun came up.

We have to plan some more adventures. Only next time I insist on being there. Maybe a little hot tub party. Or a weekend camping, fishing, and sexing trip with a third partner to help keep Becky filled and satisfied! Just a couple of the hundreds of adventure ideas yet to come.

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com